Glenwood Springs Colorado Information

Welcome to the home of the World Famous Hot Springs Pool. The world’s largest naturally heated outdoor swimming pool. The Hot Springs Pool also has a great set of water slides that are open most of the time during the summer.

The Glenwood Caverns are a nice change of pace from the crowds of town. Also know as the fairy caves these caves are a must see when in Glenwood Springs Colorado.

Situated at the mouth of The Glenwood Canyon this town is full of history. Once known as Defiance Colorado, the name was changed to sound more hospitable. It was renamed after the hometown of the mayor’s wife.

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Glenwood Hotels have had a colorful never ending string of visitors including: President Teddy Roosevelt, Doc Holliday , Wyatt Earp, President Taft, Buffalo Bill, Molly Brown, Al Capone and to many more to mention.
Spouting Rock at Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon The Roaring Fork Valley was a favorite destination of President Teddy Roosevelt, making the Hotel Colorado his Western Whitehouse. Teddy Roosevelt loved bear hunting in Western Colorado. Hotel Colorado was also the birth place of the Teddy Bear named after Teddy Roosevelt, while bear hunting in the area. The original Teddy Bear is rumored to have been made by the maids at the Hotel Colorado.

Best known for being in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Doc Holliday was a Dentist, Gambler, and a World Traveler who loved the soothing waters of the Yampa Spa. Doc Holliday stayed at several hotels in Glenwood Springs. Holliday died at one of the hotels in Glenwood Springs. The Hotel, which stood where the Summit Canyon Mountaineering Building stands today at 8th & Grand, then it burned down in the 1940’s. In the movies they show him die in a hospital or sanitarium but this is not the case. Holliday died from Tuberculosis, this fact they always got right. Doc Holliday is buried on the hill overlooking the town in the Linwood Cemetery (aka the Pioneer Cemetery). From town you can used to be able to see the American Flag that stands at Doc Holliday’s grave side, but today the trees around it have grown up and they use a much shorter flag pole.
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This small sleepy town is transformed in late June with the kickoff of Strawberry Days. This 100 plus year old festival attracts people from around the world. Strawberry Days is without a doubt the high point of summer. Hotel Reservations are a must during Strawberry Days.

Hotel rooms in Glenwood Springs Colorado go at a premium price over Strawberry Days and thru out the summer season at most of the Glenwood hotels. So, we recommend making your reservations early for this time of year. In the winter you will find lodging at a much more reasonable price.

You will find that Hotel prices can be far more expensive in the summer then you are expecting. And you may find the Hot Springs Pool more crowded than you like. The Hotels run specials in the winter for the price minded.
We boast at being the first town in the U.S. to go fully electric. If this is true or not we don’t know but we do have a great power source with the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers meeting right in the middle of town.
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Thousands of Visitors arrive with hotel reservations in hand, by way of the scenic passenger train from Denver or Salt Lake City, Utah. These trains stop in town once a day going in each direction. Some of the hotels offer a Shuttle Van to pick you up at the train. Make sure and ask about this when you make your reservation.

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